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Designing your home care bed

Getwell , proactive active care at home is the brainchild of  KM Biomed which is celebrating its 25 years of providing innovative healthcare products and technologies for the leading hospitals ,medical colleges and institutes in India


“To transform the lives of people requiring hospital care and home care”


“Enabling the People requiring hospital and home care by providing superior technology products, services and solutions at affordable cost, promoting better recovery and active lifestyles”

years in medical  care 

years in medical equipment Business

hospital customers

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About Getwell , Proactive care at home

At GetWell, we care for your health and provide you with HomeCare Medical Equipment with Superior Technology enabling you the required care in your home at an affordable cost.

We are Ushering in a New Era, where Health care is coming home. Your vitals and sleep patterns can be remotely measured and displayed on your own smartphone.



Getwell Bed was used by my husband who was recovering from a stroke and was very comfortable to use 

Seetha lakshmi

I bought an electric bed from km biomed for my father after discharge from hospital , he was very happy operating the bed himself with the remote .

Anand Balaji

After discharge from the hospital for Covid-19, I subscribed to the Getwell HM care plan as I was worried about my health. Dozen contactless monitoring of my vitals and the report gave me peace of mind and good rest as I came out of Covid successfully.

Ganesapandian. R

I tested positive for Covid-19, I contacted Getwell to monitor my health. Contactless monitoring was very easy and it reduced my stress level and my confidence to stay and recover from home during my home quarantine.

Dr. Rajaram. V

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you consider Getwell Services?

Following questions and Answers will help you make the right decions for your Home Health Care needs.

How to take care of the elders and patients @ home after discharge from Hospital ?

Leave it to the expert , Our Care Manager will devise a customized care plan for you. 50 plus years in Medical Care.

Who can advice and provide the complete delivery of products required for the patient?

Our Product Manager will bring you Expert advice on the medical equipment. Bringing in 25 plus years in Medical Equipment. Help you choose the best Products for your needs! 

How to choose the best service provider and superior quality products?

You should be choosing a Superior technology and from Experts. We are Experts in this technology. We understand and provide you superior technology products. We do Innovation in technology. Explore our Patent pending products.

Should I buy or rent ?

You can buy or rent medical equipment at  affordable price and plan,  and options to convert rent to sale. Our Experts can help you decide. 

Will I be able to get the required setup within the shortest possible time?

we will set up within 24 hours *               

* within city limits 

Can I sell back the items purchased after the use?

Yes we can buy back your medical equipment after use *       

* based on the condition

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