Hybrid Therapy Mattress System

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The Invacare® Softform Active™ 2 Hybrid Therapeutic Support Surface is easily adaptable to aid both in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, enabling caregivers to respond quickly with a single mattress to changes in a patient’s risk assessment
One Mattress, Two Modalities
The Invacare® Softform Active™ 2 Hybrid Therapeutic Support Surface offers an innovative combination of static and dynamic mattress benefits in one flexible support surface. It features an alternating air insert beneath a layer of castellated foam cells to provide “step-up/step-down” therapy as required with minimal patient disruption or caregiver effort.

Castellated foam cells – Move independently to provide excellent patient comfort and break surface tension
Cover – Stretchable, vapor-permeable, aids against shear and friction and a concealed zipper improves infection control Side supports – Facilitate patient transfer by providing effective side wall support
Electrical components/wiring – Protected in two layers of insulation to help prevent failures and potential shock hazards. Allows the use of a two-prong plug in homes with older wiring designs
Air hose – If the pump is in use, the air hose can be secured off the floor and attached to the mattress. If not in use, the air hose can be fastened out of the way
Digital pump – Features an LCD screen with nine language options The Invacare Softform Active 2 Hybrid Therapeutic Support Surface may be purchased as a static mattress without the pump and converted to a dynamic surface with the addition of a pump

Technical Specification:

Dimensions: Length= 80′ ,Width =36′, Height =6′
Cycle Time – 10 Time.

Weight capacity – 500 LB
Sound Level -32 db.
Warranty; 8 years Foam
4 years Cover,
2 Years Pump


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